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Details of Reinforcement Concrete Specification



For concrete Technology the most crucial IS code belongs to IS 456:2000. All specifications in IS code are vital. Described below some of the vital specifications for concrete


1. Characteristic strength - Strength of concrete which is below 5% of test results are anticipated to decrease. Generally the method of acquiring strength is over 28 days but the design must be created on the basis of 28 days characteristic strength.


2. Tensile Strength - flexural strength is measured by compressive strength with the formula given below.


Details of Reinforcement Concrete Specification


4. Modulus of elasticity - It is taken as following

Details of Reinforcement Concrete Specification


6. Shrinkage - The shrinkage of concrete is considerably affected by the total amount of existing water at the time of blending and partly affected by cement content. The value is roughly taken as 0.0003to complete shrinkage strain for design.

7. Creep - The creep coefficient is applied to measure creep on the basis of concrete when load is transferred to it. Creep coefficient belongs to the ratio of Ultimate creep strain to Elastic strain at the age of loading. When experimental data is not available, table created through BIS can be applied to work out creep coefficient.


Details of Reinforcement Concrete Specification


8. Workability - Its can easily function with concrete. Given below, five degrees of workability consistent with BIS tabulated :-
9. Durability - Durability of concrete is affected by the features given below -

1. The enclosed climate condition.
2. The cover to implanted steel.
3. The category and quality of constituent materials.
4. The cement content and water-cement ratio of the concrete.
5. Workmanship for full compaction and well-organized curing.
6. Shape and size of the member.



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