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Ready mix concrete and its various features


Ready-mix concrete refers to a type of concrete, that is produced in a cement factory. It is also called as the batching plant, based on a specified set of proportions, and then transmitted to the jobsite through a truck arranged with mixers.



Under this process, a perfect mixture will be created. Besides, the specialty concrete mixtures can be easily formed and applied on construction sites.


Ready mix concrete is used over on-site concrete mixing as it can create huge volume by mixing in the perfect ratios as well as minimize jobsite confusion. With the application of a pre-determined concrete mixture the flexibility is lowered, both in the supply chain and in the real components of the concrete.


Ready-mix concrete is also known as the custom-built concrete products which can be used for commercial purpose. Ready-mix concrete (RMC) refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivering to the customer's construction site in a newly mixed and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete is formed by mixing Portland cement, water and aggregates containing sand and gravel or crushed stone. In conventional job sites, each of these materials is acquired independently and mixed with indicated proportions at job site for concrete formation.

Ready-mix concrete is developed following organized operations and conveyed and positioned at site by applying advanced equipment and methods.


Benefits of ready-mix concrete: Given below various benefits of ready-mix concrete-

. Construction becomes very fast with well-organized delivery at jobsite as well as automated operation
. Both the costs for labor and site supervision are reduced significantly
. Superior quality is maintained through perfect & automated controlling of sand aggregates and water on the basis of mix designs.


Ready-mix concrete
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. The cement wastage is greatly reduced because of bulk handling.
. The complete production is comparatively pollution free.
. With curtailment of project time, savings can be made in all aspects.
. Under this process, the raw material is used in cost effectively and organized way that causes huge saving of natural resources.


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