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Brief overview of Quality and Safety in Construction


The project managers should focus on Quality control and safety associated with a construction project. Flaws or failures in construction can lead to incurring huge costs.



Re-construction is necessary for inconsequential flaws and damaging to facility operations. Costs increase and delays occur due to flaws. In some cases, failures may result in personal harms or accidents while construction process is going on. Indirect costs related to insurance, inspection and regulation can enhance significantly because of these raised direct costs.


To manage cost, the most vital decisions concerning the quality of a finished facility should be taken throughout the design and planning phases instead of construction phase. Component configurations, material specifications and functional performance are also done in this phase. Quality control throughout construction mainly covers compliance to those innovative design and planning decisions.


But there also exist some exemption to this rule. First, unpredicted situations, improper design decisions or modifications necessary for an owner in the facility function may involve reassessing design decisions throughout the course of construction.

Secondly, some designs are based on up-to-date and proper decision making throughout the construction process. As such decisions are undertaken on the basis of greater information relating to genuine site conditions, consequently the facility design becomes more economical.


With the consideration to conformance is taken as the measure of quality throughout the construction process, the specification of quality requirements in the design and contract documentation turns out to be very much crucial. Quality requirements must be perfect and valid, to facilitate all the project stakeholders to recognize the requirements for conformance.

Safety all through the construction project is also greatly affected by decisions undertaken throughout the planning and design process. Some designs or construction plans may be fundamentally problematic and risky for execution, while other, equivalent plans may significantly diminish the chances of accidents. Besides these design decisions, safety mostly relies on education, vigilance and collaboration all through the construction process. Workers should be frequently aware with the risks of accidents and refrain from taking non-essential risks.


Brief overview of Quality and Safety In Construction



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