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Categories of Precast Components in a Building


Given below, the detailed lists of various types of precast components found in a building developed with precast structure.



Precast Beams: Precast beams are classified as follow :-


. Internal beams - Here floor loading is almost equal
. External beams - Here floor loading is largely irregular.


Precast Columns:


. In case of five storied or less structures, each column will generally be constant to the complete height of the building.
. In case of structures having in excess of five story's two or more columns are merged jointly.


The core types of precast columns range from:


. Edge columns - proportionate in one direction.
. Internal columns - proportionate in all directions.
. Corner columns - disproportionate at all.

Precast floor slabs: The following major types of slabs are applied in the precast frames:


. Hollow cored slab
. Double tee slab


Precast walls: Precast concrete walls offer the following functionalities:


. Constancy
. As walls or boxes adjacent to staircases and lift shafts.

Walls are categorized as infill or cantilever:


. Infill walls are based on coherent combined action with the beam and column frame.
. Cantilever walls or boxes operate as deep beams to which the frame is affixed.


Categories of precast components in a building


Precast staircases: There are three options for precast staircases:


. A single precast unit having all the flights and landings
. Individual precast flights and landings
. Parts of the flights and landings are formed with one piece.



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