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New Home Construction Tips


Building new home is a dream to anybody. It is simply one of the best investments that you have done in your lifespan. People usually do a lot of calculation and estimate to economise his or her home construction thus the dream is being shaped.


The main sectors to be concerned are 1. Windows 2. Doors 3. Walls 4. Ceiling 5. Skylight - made your home. Here the quality and proper quantity of the materials are most important. The transfer of heat, cold and moisture in summer, winter and Monsoon respectively is important as well. But now it is the time to concentrate the energy bill to be curtled.


Important TIPs:-

  • Set the home to the EPA's ENERGY STAR standards.
  • Professional dealers to be fixed a high-efficiency heating and cooling system.
  • Set up double pane or Low-E windows and insulated doors.
  • Light-colored roofing material will reduce home's heat gain.
  • The mortgage lender or real estate agent to be informed on lower mortgage rates for setting up an ENERGY STAR rated home.



Planning, Site Selection, Selection and Hiring the Architect is very important. Assigning the builder is another important task to be done.


The shape of the building denotes how the atmosphere would be there inside the house in different weather condition.


There are some necessary things to be sorted out during a house construction. The problems of air leaks, you have to place your air-conditioning unit in a shaded area. Design your heating and cooling ductwork so it is located within the insulated shell of your home.


The ENERGY STAR appliances have to be installed. Use electronic ballasts, modular fluorescent lamps, and efficient fixtures where appropriate for lighting. Install low-flow toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators.


You have to plant leaf-shedding trees to the south, west, and east to reduce cooling costs. Use evergreen trees to the north to block the wind. Drain water have to go past from the roof away from the house.


New Home Construction Tips

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