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Metal Stud Framing - a new condusive technology for home building



The metal stud framing is a practical code approved solution for many problems that the builders face on a daily basis. The Traditional building materials sometime give problems to erect the edifice if contractor gets shorter span of time to complete the building.


The strength and ductility of any metal stud framing always make it perfect for construction in high wind speed and seismic zone - US eastern seaboard, the gulf coast states, california and Hawaii.


There are some important characteristics make the metal stud framing unique.


  1. Non-combustibility
  2. Termite resistance
  3. Dimensional stability
  4. It can drag down the cost of construction


If we take the Cold-formed steel (CFS) as an example, it can give the framework for a solid sustainable building prorramme, those content can be reused up to 25 per cent. It is 100 per cent recycleble at the completion of the lifespan. A recent research informed that the zinc coating on the steel framing to protect the corrotion.


Metal Stud Framing - a new condusive technology for home building
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The metal stud framing is easier to handle, because it weigh 1/3 less than wood studs, can be installed at 24' on the centre. It has great marketing advantage because customer recognise steel as a superior framing product.


The longterm resistance cost are very low, because the steel is resistance to rot, mold. Termite and insectation. Most of the metal also does not emits volatile organic compound (VOC).


When ordering Metal Stud Framing, it is vital to be aware of variety and application of shapes encapsulated by the acronym STUFL (Stud, Track, U Channel, Furring and L-header).



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