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Importance of Replacement Concrete


Replacement concrete is a process for healing any substandard concrete having defects or cracks in broad area.



Under this process of concrete repair, replacement concrete is applied once the substandard concrete is detached from the structural member and area is arranged for patch-ups. This process is useful when the area is extended over 1 square foot and contains a depth over 6 inches and when the repair is concerned with substantial continuous area.


Replacement concrete repairs are also ideal for :


. Holes completely spread out through concrete sections.
. Holes in which no reinforcement is met, or in which the depth outspreads less than 1 inch or after the backside of the reinforcing steel and which extend more than 1 square foot and thicker than 4 inches, apart from where epoxy- bonded concrete replacement is necessary or allowed as an substitute to concrete replacement.

. Holes in reinforced concrete surpasses one-half square foot and spreads further than reinforcement Replacement concrete is the most conventional concrete repair material and will satisfy most of the concrete repairs.

Replacement concrete repairs are done by attaching new concrete to the repair areas devoid of applying a bonding agent or Portland cement grout. As the damaged concrete is substituted with superior quality concrete identical to the adjoining concrete, the repair is well matched with thermal expansion as well as other physical and chemical properties with the old concrete. Therefore, in several cases, application of replacement concrete is the best solution.




Importance of Replacement Concrete



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