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Top five emerging technologies for construction industries


Construction technology has evolved in the course of time. With the emergence of various augmented reality technologies and drones, it becomes easier for workers to identify faults and sustain a superior level of protection against prospective vulnerabilities.



Some innovative materials like engineered wood components and strips for solar panels assist in optimizing design and structural flexibility during the construction process. Besides, with the arrival of panelized homes, the building professionals get the ability to save huge time, overall cost and productivity significantly.


Given below, the lists of some emerging construction technologies which make sea change in developing new homes.


Drones for Surveying: Now camera-mounted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are extensively used by the building contractors for obtaining realistic data all through the construction process as well as recognizing flaws or other quality issues and probable risks and procuring supplementary valuable information in quickest possible & economical. Drones are exclusively ideal for enormous and complex projects. For this purpose, numerous commercial construction companies are using drones presently.


Engineered Wood Components: Engineered wood component comes in different ranges. Engineered wood products are stable, reliable, eco-friendly and high functional. Glued engineered wood products are treated as one of the supreme technologies in the construction industry which are less time-consuming and economical as compared to the walls in any new home.

The building contractors find Glued engineered wood products very flexible throughout home construction. Besides, they can be used for more long-lasting floors, walls and ceilings with comparison to the conventional methods. Engineered wood products apply less wood fibers to maintain the superior performance. Woods care collected more proficiently from faster-growing trees available in managed forests. Engineered wood components are better than non-wood alternatives relating to emissions and pollutants all through the manufacturing process.

Panelized Home Building Systems: Panelized home building systems belong to pre-engineered wall sections developed in a factory-controlled environment and dispatched to the construction site to be assigned to the home. The panelized home building systems are weather-proof and ready for final construction in quickest possible time. The design is also very flexible for this type of building system. Several panelized manufacturers use a network of general contractors to form each individual panel.


Smart Helmet: The smart helmet applies 4D augmented reality technique along with a translucent visor that show offs special lenses as a heads-up display. The helmet uses cameras and sensors to facilitate the users in navigating and obtaining information about the adjacent environment. The smart helmet facilitates the workers to get visual instructions for accomplishing tasks as well as notifying them of hazards in real-time. The display enhances protection, effectiveness and production with work instructions which are demonstrated directly into the helmet.


Transparent Solar Panels: In transparent solar panels organic luminescent salts are used to engross infrared energy passing along a plastic coating to the edge of the panel and then converted with photovoltaic solar cells which are applied to the window or other substrate by thin strips.


This technology provides a translucent coating to allow any surface for transferring ambient light into operational electricity devoid of any aesthetic impact. This is a crucial step toward the construction industry as the technology facilitates to apply green methods for generating power, and saving the homeowner money keeping the complete design of the home as it is. It is also utilized on construction equipment surfaces throughout the actual building of the residence.




Top five emerging technologies for construction industries



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