Construction Cost Estimating


Download excel sheet to make cost estimation of RCC building

With the purpose of finding out the rate of a specific item, the factors which influence the rate of that item should be examined cautiously and then as a final point a rate is settled for that item.

This entire process is known as analysis of rates or rate analysis.

The rates of specific items of work are based on the following :-

a. Specifications of works and material concerning their quality, percentage and constructional operation method.
b. Quantities of materials and their related costs.
c. Cost of labors and their wages.
d. Position of site of work and the distances from source and conveyance charges.
e. Overhead and establishment charges
f. Profit

Cost of materials at source and at site of construction.

The costs of materials are selected as delivered at site along with the transport local taxes and other charges.

The objective of rate analysis :-

a. To determine the genuine cost of per unit of the items.
b. To figure out the reasonable use of materials and processes in finishing the specific item.

c. To determine the cost of additional items which are not produced in the contract bond, but should have been executed according to the instructions of the department.
d. To rectify the schedule of rates because of the inflation in material cost and material and labor for the modification in technique.

Labor Charges :-

1. Mason / Brick layer I Class Rs.100=00 per day.
2. Mason /Brick layer II class Rs. 80=00 per day
3. Men mazdoor Rs. 60=00 per day
4. Women mazdoor Rs. 60=00 per day
5. Mixing charges of cement mortar Rs. 16=00per

Click on the following link to download Excel sheets cost estimation civil engineering

Download excel sheet to make cost estimation of RCC building