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Column and Wall Load Take Down Spreadsheet | Estimating Spreadsheet Download

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Download spreadsheet for Column and Wall Load Take Down (With BS and EC imposed load reduction factors)


This estimating spreadsheet can be used at free of cost. The estimating sheet is used to perform column/wall load take down alias column/wall load chase down.



It automates the process for estimating related imposed load (variable action) reduction factor for each floor. The spreadsheet comes up with three versions - one works out reduction following BS 6399-1, the second to EC 1, and the third to EC1+UK National Annex.


This spreadsheet can be used with both Windows and Mac platform as well as compatible with Windows Excel version 2007 to 2016 and Mac Excel version 2001, 2004, 2011 to 2016.


The spreadsheet offers the following exclusive features :-




- A coincise and easy to understand output (all on a single page);
- Simply modify number of storeys and calculations update automatically;
- Live load / variable action reduction is exercised with a click of the mouse

- Live load / variable action reduction factors can be edited in settings;
- Live and dead / variable and permanent load factors can be edited;
- Contains cells for floor load (kN/m2) and edge load (kN/m);

- Results are reorganized automatically with the modification in input;
- There are three versions like BS 6399-1, EC1, and EC1+UK N.A.;


Download Column and Wall Load Take Down Spreadsheet

Column and Wall Load Take Down Spreadsheet



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Download Column and Wall Load Take Down Spreadsheet in Excel