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Different types of construction equipments for reinforcement steel bar bending

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1779, 1780, 1782 - Rebar bending machines for building construction sites: FEAL PROGETT has developed the automatic rebar bending machines. These construction machines are specifically designed toward small building construction sites. The machines contain wheels for short displacement on site.


1783, 1784, 1785 - Rebar bending machines having 2 extended saddle for double bend: Besides containing wheels for short displacement on the construction site, these machine also contain 2 extended sliding saddleshaving holes for double bend.


1785B - Rebar bending machines having 4 sliding saddles for special bends: The machines automate the process toward rebar bending for large building construction site. The machines consist of wheels for short displacement on the construction site. Besides, the machines also contain 4 extended sliding saddles having holes for special bends.


1786, 1786B - Rebar bending machines which include computer 20 angles selector: These types of machines are intended for large building construction site and there are 4 extensive sliding saddles which contain holes to be utilized for special bends. These machines are provided with computer 20 angles selector.



1787 - Bar bending machines for high performances: These types of Rebar bending machines are used for large building construction sites for greater production. These machines are capable of bending reinforcement steel bar up to 60mm diameter.


All the above machines are developed by FEAL PROGETTI and useful for dealing with reinofrcement steel bar in construction jobsites. All the machines are furnished with wheels for short displacements.


Automatic SEAM rebar bending machines are supported with electric motor, gearbox having gears and pinions in hardened steel performing in a oil bath and having driving shaft toward the circulation of the working plate to handle all diameter of reinforcement steel bar suitable for various types of bends and/or stirrups.


There are control board having superior quality components, IP54 water proof, micro-switches, emergency push buttons as well as magneto-thermal switch & fuses for protecting overloaded motor ,within Rebar bending machines.


Different types of construction equipments for reinforcement steel bar bending download


Rebar bending machine 1779 contains three-phase or single-phase electric motor.


Rebar benders 1783, 1784 and 1785 are available with 2 extended sliding saddles containing holes for double bend.


Rebar benders 1785B, 1786, 1786B and 1787 comprise 4 extended sliding saddles for special bends.


Rebar bender 1786B is furnished with computer 20 angles selector.


All SEAM REBAR MACHINES contain the following features : Computer 20 angles selector, Measuring-bending stirrups device, Big radius equipment, Spiral and hoops equipment, Steel benches with rollers and All rebar bending machines are provided with set of bushes, pivots and remote foot pedal.


One can download the spreadsheet from Rebar Takeoff Template

Different types of construction equipments for reinforcement steel bar bending


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