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Definitions and types of Lintels


A lintel is described as a horizontal structural member that is positioned at the opening.



On the basis of materials used in building the Lintels, they are categorized into the following types, [1] Timber lintels [2] Stone lintels [3] Brick lintels [4] Reinforced Brick lintels [5] Steel lintels [6] Reinforced cement concrete lintels 6


Timber lintels - These are usually developed in hilly area. These types of lintels are generally expensive. The structural strength is poor. There are unprotected to fire. If these are not carefully looked after, these can be easily deteriorated.


Stone lintels - These types of lintels are suitable, if stones are accessible easily. They are made with simple stone slab having bigger thickness. They are too expensive and unable to resist with the transverse stress load.


Brick lintels - These are built with hard and well burnt first class bricks. They are ideal short length area. The bricks which contain frogs are most useful.


Reinforced Brick lintels - They are ideal for long lengths and heavy loads . Here mild steel bars are used for reinforcing. They are mostly acceptable for their longevity, potency and fire resisting capabilities. Cement concrete is used to fill the joints.

Steel lintels - They are useful big opening and where the super-imposed loads are massive. Steel lintels contain rolled steel joists . They are used singly or amalgamated with two or three units. Bolts are used for joining.

REINFORCED CEMENT CONCRETE LINTEL. These are used widely and may be pre-cast. The precast concrete lintels are generally useful for smaller length. Depth of lintel reply on R.C.C.

Definitions and types of Lintels
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