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Construction Profit to be Increase If Working Bids are Properly Done

During the construction process, there are some tricks. There are some special activities to bid more work & raise your profit margin. On Center Software provides takeoff, estimating, and project management solutions for Flooring Contractors.



On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) drives improvement for Flooring Contractors by delivering on the promise to increase efficiency, productivity and profit before the bidding process begins. On-Screen Takeoff ensures Flooring Contractors accurate takeoff quantities for bidding jobs.


On-Screen Takeoff produces area takeoff with one click. It reduces errors and missed takeoff with a visual audit trail of the quantity takeoff. Quantities are available instantly in length, surface area, volume, and count. This eliminates errors and hours spent on manual calculations.


On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff (OST) started the industry in 1994. OST effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises. From plan viewing to quantity measurements to estimating to project management-it all starts with OST.


Reduce Cost - Just preparing to submit a bid is an expensive endeavor: Make estimators more efficient and lower the cost to bid. Eliminate the need for paper plans, reprographics costs, colored pens, and storage for plans. Bid more work with the same number of estimators in the department.




Save Time - A quantity takeoff is no longer a labor intensive process: Automation of the takeoff process allows Construction Estimators to spend less time preparing each bid. Separation of takeoff quantities into bid areas saves a great deal of time for estimators. The powerful plan viewing and takeoff tools helps takeoff quantities with blazing speed.


Spot Plan Changes - Never miss another costly addendum: Avoid the headache caused when the architect or GC forgets to properly cloud and document a revision. On-Screen Takeoff clearly shows the differences between 2 sets of plans by overlaying them and then marking deleted items in bright red and new items in blue.


Improve accuracy - Eliminate user error common in manual takeoff: On-Screen Takeoff (OST) automates the Trig calculations, allowing estimators, foremen, project managers, and general contractors to measure any area or perimeter accurately. Get precise quantities when measuring irregular shapes and curves.


Stay Connected: Improve communication across the board with OST: Share electronic plans quickly and easily over the internet. Make annotations and attach notes to each project or plan. Create R.F.I.'s in the field for immediate clarification. Make sure everyone is on the same set of plans.


Be More Efficient - Ultimately, what you do with the time saved is your business: Submit more bids and win more jobs using On-Screen Takeoff. If you take on multiple roles within the company, dedicate less time to estimating. Help the entire company become more efficient by switching to electronic documents and plans.


Estimating & Bidding with Quick Bid: Waste Less. Win More. Profit Each Time. Manual errors jeopardize win rates. Use On Center Software's estimating and bidding solution to ensure accuracy and delivery of higher profit margins.


Our estimating software produces bids for multiple jobs in the same amount of time you currently spend dedicated to working on one bid. On Center Software's Quick Bid provides an electronic quote process for suppliers to submit pricing. This allows contractors to quickly adjust bids to new pricing.


Project Management with Digital Production Control: Know Where Your Project is Going Everyday.


On Center Software's Digital Production Control (DPC) focuses on bottom line profitability. DPC is proactive in a crew's daily production, allowing a daily scope to be assigned based on the actual estimate and budget. DPC instantly marks the scope with a red colored takeoff if the crew falls behind, making it known that the crew needs to get back on schedule.


Digital Production Control's patented technology gives the estimated labor for each item in a digital takeoff. DPC manages daily progress of a job and communicates with a foreman in the field using a tablet.




Construction Profit to be Increase If Working Bids are Properly Done


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