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How self compacting concrete is used in a concrete mix design



As per ACI 237, Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is termed as "highly flowable, non-breaking concrete that can disperse into place, stuff the formwork, wrap the reinforcement devoid of any mechanical consolidation.


Idea Of Self Compacting Concrete


Self Compacting Concrete can resolve the following issues related to normal concrete system.


1. Mechanical Vibration does not contain definite standard that leads to non-uniform vibration. For this reason stability and sturdiness may become inconsistent.
2. Proficient workers should be employed for mechanical vibration which were not available in the market always.
3. Traditional mechanical vibration makes noise and it is not often set constantly in some areas which constrain the construction time.
4. Traditional Concrete creates a phenomenon called white fingers.

Characteristics Of Self Compacting Concrete


. It is set smoothly with the help of pumping and flooding devoid of any mechanical vibration.
. Extreme deformation and flow are achieved through excellent plasticizers keeping the w/c ratio as it is.
. SCC contains great segregation resistance, to attain that water/powder content remains low or Viscosity Enhancing Agent is utilized.

Essentials Of SCC - SCC must contain the following features :-


Filling Capacity: Should have capability to flow and stuff all spaces inside formwork below its own weight.


Passing Capacity: Should contain capacity to flow with tight openings like spaces amid steel reinforcing bars devoid of any segregation and blocking.

Segregation Resistance: SCC is not disjoined as soon as it is poured i.e. deformation of aggregate and paste will be identical.


How self compacting concrete is used in a concrete mix design



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