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Analysis of rates for building works


This is how the rate analyses are done for the construction (viz. Labor, materials, machinery, transport, overheads and profit).


Rate Analysis:


  • There tender has to be introduced with item rates.
  • Then make sure the tender rates and its viability.
  • Judging different labour, materials, machinery and money and resource optimization.
  • The rates for deviation would have to be computed. If to work on the extra items or not.
  • Comparing cost for amount to be approved.
  • Preparing budget and cash shift.


But if the under following elements are tagged in:




  • Material cost without considering the squanders.
  • Labour cost
  • Charges of using water
  • Taxes
  • Risk and insurance coverages
  • Profit and overheads


Some other important points:


  • Percentage of profit is 5-10 per cent. But the overhead is normally 3 - 7.5 per cent.
  • The cement constant includes waste product of 2.5 per cent.
  • The material constants are loading-unloading, supply price, empty bags and others.
  • Labour constants are generally covered by government schemes as well as IS - 7272, NBO, CPWD and MES.
  • Building material specifications are here
  • Basic cost is the cost of materials and labours.
  • Indirect cost is those of consulting charge or out source changes.


There are also some rates like standard schedule or derivative rates.


Building Work Rate Analysis


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