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Use Domus.Cad for superior architectural 3D design



Interstudio has developed Domus.Cad 1.0. This cad software supports windows & mac platform. Domus.cad can be utilized for superior architectural 3D design that facilitates the users to face 3D design effortlessly as well as plan an overall project directly on your computer. The architects and engineers can use this exclusive cad program for creating effective design and modeling concerning architecture, interior, landscape, and urban spaces.


Given below some of the exclusive features of the software:-


Domus.Cad will empower the users to generate three-dimensional components devoid of using any two-dimensional plan. Components like walls, floors, roofs, and stairs can be produced from the beginning in their full three-dimensional form.


The users will be benefitted with easy to use processes concerning element inclusion, movement, and modification and explore through all stages of the design progression.


Domus.Cad provides perfect interactive design skills. The users will be able to retain the 3D window open and at the same time design in plan and observe any modification to the model in real time while starting the drawing. Domus.Cad also facilitate the users to simulate various lighting conditions and walkthroughs in real time. The users can allow their client to understand 3D architectural space easily. The users will get the ability to directly edit the 3D model elements in the 3D Window.

With the new vectorial rendering engine in Domus.Cad, the users can obtain adjustable elevations, sections, perspectives, axonometries similar to the interactive 3D view as well as create superior and very detailed drawings, colored with the identical colors like the interactive 3D view.


Modeling features aid the users to extrude and rotate 3D forms out of any drawn polygon, along a line, a 3D path or around any axes, simplifying the process to model furniture, building cornices, structural elements and any unconventional architectural form. 2D elements like segments and polygons will be instantly & smoothly converted into complicated 3D object (as for instance, a 2D complicated liberty drawing of a gate can be converted into a 3D gate object).


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A model generated with Domus.Cad is exported to rendering programs like Artlantis for producing photorealistic images and movies.


There are some specialized modules which can be applied to form parametrically complicated architectural elements, like spiral and helical stairs, railings, gates, roof structures, grids and others in the quickest possible manner.

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