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ACUDO ? A powerful software for structural design and analysis

CTICM has developed ACUDO, a spreadsheet based software that can be used for structural design analysis.

ACUDO application facilitates considering the impact of water accumulation phenomenon in a building roof tied by defining, via a repetitive method, the final condition of the system studied.

This application is evolved from the one that was applied as part of a study circulated in the journal Steel Construction No. 1- 2010 (CTICM): "Effect of water accumulation in the horizontal valleys of pitched roofs symmetrical gently sloping "(TM. Nguyen, Y. Gal?a Mr. Lukic).

The studied system is dependent on a load that happens from a combination of shares (generally at Ultimate Limit State). The produced load is defined with a uniform surface charge and circulated during the roof slope (dead loads, snow, ...), a surface load that is dispersed over a rectangular area (snow accumulation, maintenance, ...) and, of course, an preliminary charge of water, described by the maximum height over the undeformed assumed roof (level of the overflow or the roof edge, the stationary level in view of the discharge flow rate of the water pipes ...).

To download the software at free of cost, click on the following link

ACUDO ? A powerful software for structural design and analysis