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The SAFI Footing Calculator is a easy to use and simple and robust construction tool that performs to evaluate and design isolated square and rectangular footings, strip (wall) footings and combined footings.


The SAFI Footing Calculator supports the SAFI Concrete design program.


With the SAFI Footing Calculator, the user will be able to instantly and smoothly design reinforced concrete footings devoid of generating and examining a complete structural model (nodes, members, load combinations, etc.).


The Footings Calculator is used for creating the design for four various types of footings described below. Every type of footing is designed through a specific type of column.


  • Isolated square footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column
  • Isolated rectangular footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column
  • Strip footing: reinforced concrete wall
  • Combined footing: reinforced concrete column or steel column

The Footings Calculator adheres to the American ACI-318-02 code, the Canadian CAN/CSA-A23.3-01 code and the Egyptian code ECCS 203-2001.


The input data consist of providing the type of footing, the applied loads, extra pressure on ground, overburden depth, depth of the ground water, the required design parameters, the design code, the type of column (or wall) and optionally the dimensions.


There exist an in-built bar libraries and the reinforcement bars can be chosen from here. The bar libraries are applied separately from the design code so Canadian reinforcement bars can be utilized with the American ACI code for instance.


There also prevail libraries of standard metric and imperial material properties. It is also possible to generate customized materials.


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The results consist of the footing size, footing shear, tension steel reinforcement, longitudinal bars, transversal bars, footing-column Interface Compression Steel, footing shear and stresses in concrete and bearing resistance.


One can also access numerous solved problems and references.

Footings Calculator


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