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Some of the best construction apps (roofing apps) compatible with Android Devices

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Given below some useful free and paid roofing apps compatible with android devices.


1) Roofing Calculator Free: This free calculator is designed for both rooofing contractors (who have the ability to adjust cost settings as per their needs) and homeowners to compute roof cost and roof area, on the basis of given inputs like house ground dimensions, roof slope, roof shingles type, etc. The results are generated on a individual screen along with the size of your roof, and 3 prices for recognized roof materials.


Download Roof Calc Free from Google Play.


2) House Gosu Free Roof Calculator: The construction professionals can use this free and easy to use calculator for quickly estimating roof costs. Just provide roof dimensions, desired material, roof pitch and obtain the cost on the same screen.


Download this construction app from Google Play




3) Roof Gauge (roof pitch tool) by Interapt: If the construction professionals don't have any idea on the slope of their and don't want to go up to their roof or attic, this app will be the right choice for them. Just stay on the ground and perfectly estimate any roof pitch through a camera and an accelerometer in your phone.


Interapt Roof Gauge tool can be downloaded from Google Play


4) Roof Calculator PRO ($19.99): It is a paid app and provides huge benefits to the building contractors. The user can choose from various options to obtain any roof detail virtually that range from tear off, chimney or skylight flashings, valley, type of underlayment used, Ice and Water barrier, number for floors, type of roof shingles, etc. There exist approax 100 various settings for contractors.


Besides, the users can make estimate for numerous roof surfaces simultaneously and the results will be shown on a individual screen, containing comprehensive analysis of sizes, material costs, and total costs.


Download Roof Calculator PRO from Google Play


5) GAF Colors: This construction app performs as a superior presentation tool for roofers / salespeople / estimators for demonstrating GAF Roof Shingles and colors. This app mainly supports tablets and operates in landscape mode. Some the app requires to enter authentic US zip code to run.


Download GAF Roof Shingles Colors from Google Play



6) Decra Roofs Picture App: Decra refers to the manufacturer of Stone Coated steel shingles and tiles. Decra roof picture app will demonstrate the view of your roof when Decra metal roof tiles are set up on it.


This app has the similar functionality of GAF Color App and operates in landscape mode only. It only supports tablets and does not scale precisely on phones. The app is designed for European markets.


Download Decra Roofs picture app from Google Play


7) Roof Timber Calculator (UK): The roof timber calculator is specifically created for builders & European contractors (mainly UK/Ireland) to estimate lengths and sizes of roof framing. It can't be used for computing materials or roof prices. It is recommended to apply Metric Roof Calculator to compute cost of roof replacement in Europe / UK / Ireland in both Euros and British Pound Sterlings, and apply materials like clay / concrete tile, slate, etc. which are most recognized in Europe.


Download Roof Timber Calculator (UK) from Google Play



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